Jun. 14th, 2010

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Hey, hey guess what? It is that time again! Okay, so my excitement this time has been more than a little dimmed as I have second degree burns on my shoulders. I kinda feel like crap. That aside, what I did see of the US opener against England made me hellishly happy. Luck goal, yes, but Green made a classic mistake. And regardless of what anyone might say, they showed up for that Game and England is in no way as good as they think they are.

Surprise, surprise there.

Anyway, I've not really got anything against England. It was a good game for us, we obviously feel better about it than them. That's in our favor.

Moving on- Germany fucking owned Australia last night. I have to say that I'm not surprised. I've never been surprised by Germany's group play, though. Well, no. That's a lie. There probably was one, at least, but I can't think of it. MUST NOT HAVE BEEN TOO MUCH OF A SURPRISE.

Anyway, Australia makes it to the Cup every four years. And I have to give them credit for doing it, and usually in the past they've had better showings than the US. But they've not grown, it seems. They have the second oldest squad in the tourny, maybe what they need is some fresh blood.

Just a suggestion, guys. Might want to look in to it. They clearly didn't come out to play against Germany, it was as if they'd already accepted the loss and just handed the Germans the game. That was boring. :| I can't believe I DVR'd that, it was so sad.

ANYWAY, I've got the scores as is. Which is what I'm gonna post before the Italy game starts. They are playing Paraguay. :| I predict they'll win, much to my disgust. Italy's a much more solid team than Paraguay. I'll be surprised if it is even a remotely difficult game.

Oh well, fuckers. Next game. Alright, here are the groups, and standings as is:

Cut for those that don't care... )

Now to watch Italy and Paraguay. So far, Paraguay's looking decent. I shouldn't sound surprised, but maybe there is something to say fro their 2-4-4 system. Still. Seems a little bit insane. Who takes a 2-4-4 formation in the World Cup?
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So, yeah...

Italy is a second half team. Can't lie. I still think they'll win this showing, but I am rather impressed with Paraguay at the moment.


Go, go South American Teams. (Minus Brazil. They can DIAF. :|)

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