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Birthdate:Sep 15
Location:Austin, Texas, United States of America
Website:Pay The Piper
…we all start somewhere…
I’m a person that likes to learn, though odd things at odd times, and sometimes in odd ways. I live to use my hands, from making things to speaking with them in motion. I smoke and I drink, and sometimes I’m a sheep. Oh yes.

I’m opinionated, but that is expected. Sometimes I want it my way or the highway, but that is my choice or mistake. Generally I’m forgiving of everything, unless you cross the wrong lines. You’ll know those lines when you cross them, and it isn’t easy…so no fear.

The best and easiest way to say it all? Hi, I’m EJ. Just…EJ.
...Things you need to know...

  • I'm the type person to smile on command.
  • I love animals. The good, the bad, the ugly. Dogs ands cats aren't born mean, they are taught to be mean.
  • Music should mean something. The bubble-gum pop is nice every once in a while, but I want to listen to something that is going to speak to me...body and mind.
  • I want to travel. I want to see the world before I die, and I want to try all sorts of foods. What is life, if not an adventure?
  • I am a Jude Law fan, and not just because he is an attractive, average Joe looking man. I think he's a good actor...and the odd, interesting movies.
  • I forget what TV is. I spent a year listening to my CDs and Ipod, vaguely aware that I did have a TV I could watch.
  • Movies are an addiction. The odd and new, I want to own. Blockbuster doesn't have enough to please me...
  • Star Wars is a good movie. I don't care what you think. The originals rule, and the pre-quels suck the life out of the genre. I don't know what Lucas was thinking, but they make me weep. I own them, though, so that I can some day show (if I have them) my children what good movies are, and then how to ruin them.
  • Placebo is a good band. I enjoy their music, their sound. I think they get better as time goes, and I hope they'll stick around for years to come.
  • You got one shot, one shot only at this life. Live it, love it, learn from it. It won't be all bad...but hey, just remember- It could always be worse.
  • I'm a nice person, but I have my not-nice moments. I'm honest, but I'm not above a white lie.
  • I'm a Mississippi girl. It doesn't make me an idiot, I don't have "kissing cousins", my family isn't even FROM Mississippi. I didn't go to school barefoot, and I know more about the grand scheme of things then most people I've met over the years. I'm the not smartest, but I'm sure as fuck not dumb. Don't insult me with you Southern jokes, I don't find most of them amusing unless I know you really well.
  • I'm opinionated. You're going to hear it, because I'm going to give it...sometimes without you asking. You don't have to agree, you don't have to like it. Just remember it's mine...not yours.
  • People have free will, and free choice. So long as it doesn't infringe upon your rights? Stay the fuck off their space. Everyone's got an opinion, learn to express it civilly or learn to be ignored.
  • First Impressions are important, but they aren't set in stone. It just gets to be a bit harder to change the opinions.
  • Live. Learn. Love. It's all that really matters in life. It isn't about the money, it's about doing what you want.
  • My Parents are Christians, leaning toward agnostic. My Sister is pagan and Wiccan, worshiping The Goddess. I don't know what you'd call my brother-in-law, my oldest niece and Nephew are Wiccan, and my youngest niece is Christian. Me? I'm Atheist. You aren't going to insult me with your religion. At least, you aren't so long as you don't tell me 50 times a day that I need to find god.
  • I like to talk politics and religion. I like to hear what other's think and why they think it. It is a real joy in life, even when I don't agree with people. It's like discovering why people refer pink or blue. It's different and worth exploring. I don't try to change their minds, but I will debate the differences. I am saddened that not more people can be so open.
  • I don't like Bush. I never did. It has nothing to do with the War or 9/11. I hated Bush from the moment he walked onto my TV set and said he was running for President. People like to tell me I'm not American enough for disliking Bush...You know what I have to say? Read your Fucking Bill of rights.
  • Not all Americans are the same, we aren't all arrogant and rude. But I tell you this now. I'm proud to be American. I can't be proud to be anything else...And rather than be depressed by my nationality, I will accept it, and not be afraid of it. If you can't deal? I'm sorry, really.
  • I like to debate morality. To define morals, and where they come from.
  • Culture changes as you go around the world, just because it is different does not mean we should fear it.
  • Homosexuals are people, period. They have the same rights. Support Gay Rights. You never know when it will be your rights the government tries to deny.
  • Freedom of speech is important, but the media can take it to far. War is not prime-time television to have popcorn over. It isn't any better than the Romans and the Gladiators: a time that many call barbaric.
  • ...Last but not least...
    This journal isn't Friends Only, I add people for different reason, be it wanting to keep up with friends, or just an easy way for RP buddies to keep up with me, but you don't have to be friended to keep up. If you get dropped, it is probably because I can’t remember who you are and why you are on my flist. Or I just don’t see a point to keeping you around because you post less than I do.

    Whatever the reason, you know my IMs, you can always come and find me again, reconnect and we get back on track. Just takes a bit of work on your part, you know.

    Lastly? If you want to bring drama, fighting, or anything of that sort here, just stop at the door. This is officially a no drama zone.

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