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Quote of the Day - Plautus - "Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."


-_- So very true.
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I killed my fingers at work. Today there is not throbbing, just sharp pain when I push against them. So still no typing with them, joy. This is utterly ridiculous, I swear. I'll live, of course, but it was just a bitchy day. This week needs to be erased, redone, forgotten, SOMETHING.

And it isn't just me with the bad days. Today Ana called me and told in tears that Clyde (her dog) died. Clyde's been sick for a while, and it is horrible that she had to do it, but at least he isn't in pain anymore. He woke her up unable to breathe at about 4am, and when she got to the vet....the vet said there was blood in his abdomen, possibly from cancer in the spleen. :/ It sucks, Clyde was a sweet, sweet boy. He'll be missed, and at least she isn't in the house alone tonight. Her mom is in town for the night, and she has a kitten. So that is good. I feel for her. *snuggles Ana Bear from far away.*

Typing is still a pain.

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Here are 100 facts/quirks/historical notes/whatever about me. It's not just a list. It's a list with commentary, sometimes up to a paragraph, sometimes just a sentence each. Some of them are profound. Some of them include things like favorite color and band. A lot of them are my little life story notes. The first 50 are mostly life history with commentary, the second 50 more random facts about likes/dislikes/spirituality/habits/etc. Feel free to read or not--a lot of it's stuff I never talk about that may or may not be interesting to you.

I stoled it from Ana, who did this like a year ago. But seeing as I’m bored, I thought I’d see if I could think up a hundred facts. Go me.

A 100 facts you never knew about me...probably. )
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ME: they are lovely dorks, because they are all coming to play with me
ME: and I feel all special because of it
ME: :D
ANA: lol
ME: *snuggles her Ana*
ANA: i don't even want to know how many people like you better than me =P

OH As if! Ana is totally made of love, and I swear to God...people have to adore her like a 100 times more than me.


*sticks out tongue at Ana.*

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