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With a mouth full of food, he said, "After we eat, let's get ride of those bodies."

Quint sat down next to him. "One thing."


"You may not have the best fighters around, but damn me if you don't have the prettiest army I've ever seen."

Tal laughed.

....I laughed too. :D awww, a shame you must die Quint. You are rather likable.
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I've read Talon of the Silver Hawk before, but I never got the chance to read the other two books. Mostly because when I first read the book many years ago, Feist had still be working on the third book, and the second was only in hardback. Charles and I just never got around to getting the books, and eventually it was forgotten in the mist of College readings and other work.

But, I was looking for something to read yesterday and thumbed through stacks of books in B&N. Seeing Feist's books reminded me that I had always wanted to finish them! And as such I bought the whole trilogy right there (just 25 bucks, not a bad spend on books I will like read a couple of times before I die.)

And I'm probably about 40 pages off being done with the book. (I bought it at about 4ish, last night, before I went to dinner. I read a little at dinner, and then during commercials while watching Sister Act 2 when I got home. And so on until about 1amish. Books at horrible in one way, I have a very hard time just putting them down to sleep. As a result I'm dog ass tired tonight. I went to sleep at 1, and woke up off and on starting from 4am. Blag.) Anyway, the point is?

Feist made a funny.

"Good," Creed said, "I always like it when a captain has a plan; it makes getting killed a lot less random."

That? Made me laugh. It really did.

Secondly while I was wandering around B&N, I noticed a 'school read' table, and curious poked around the table. I like seeing what kids are reading in classes today, which strangely hadn't much changed from what I read. Oddly, though, that was a copy of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I somehow couldn't imagine a teacher, or school put that one the reading list. Then I reminded myself that for my Honors English and AP History in my Junior year of HS that I read Sophie's Choice. And while I dearly love the stark, hopelessness of this book...

At 17 I had never expected to be handed a book by a teacher that openingly discussed Male masturbation in detail. So I'll tack it up as interesting, which means- a lot of students are going to hate that, but I personally see it as an awesome choice in books. Then again, unlike most of my fellow students, I have found that there were few books I read for school/classes that I truly disliked. In particular I found a sort of quaint fondness for William Faulkner's books, though The Sound and The Fury still breaks my brain, and I've read it a number of times. Ever time I pick it up, I find something different in what I read.

I still have no care for Mark Twain, though. Don't know...Huckleberry Fin just bored me.

And this has nothing to do with the whole book I stared with! Haha. Oh, I miss reading as much as I did. I find that I have to love the characters, though, before I can just let the book take me. If I don't find a way to love the characters, or a character, no amount of effort I put forth ever makes the book just flow. Scary, but true. I sort of think of it like a movie- without a connection, I lose interest, and my mind wanders. Then, before I know it, movie is over and I'm just trying to remember what happened in the flick.

Anyway...Tis it!

I'm lost to my books for a while. Perhaps reading will help me find the voices for my characters again. And in finding them, perhaps I will find my desire to be online again.
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What we have here is the top 106 books most often marked as "unread" by LibraryThing’s users. As in, they sit on the shelf unread, or get checked out of the library and returned unread.

Bold the ones you've read, underline the ones you read for school, italicize the ones you started but didn't finish, strikethrough the ones you actually own but haven’t read.

The List o'Unread Doom...or something )

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