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Antha: hi
EJ: hola mi amore
Antha: isnt amore italian?
Antha: i always thought it was amor in spanish
EJ: it is :/
Antha: spatalian
EJ: Spanish and Italian are really close okay
Antha: abracaduh, they evolved from latin
Antha: like pokemon
EJ: lololol
Antha: well, maybe not like pokemon

EJ Update

Aug. 13th, 2009 12:39 pm
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So, recently in my life, I've decided that in order to feel better about the food I eat, I've decided to go meat/significantly reduced meat in take. I've been doing this for about week, and aside from the stake my dad made a while ago, I've been doing pretty good!

Until today :(

Today I woke up and instead of craving the waffles/pancakes that I was last night...I want spicy chicken wings, or some BBQ beef. D:

This is upsetting. :(
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EJ: Draco is like.. turning 22 in September
EJ: You are well out of perv issues there lol
MISHA: fuck yeah
EJ: hahaha
EJ: Potter just turned 20
EJ: jeez
EJ: :/ when did they grow up
MISHA: he's weird lookin
EJ: He looks better with glasses
EJ: and waxed eyebrows
MISHA: lolol
EJ: srsly
EJ: what is that?
EJ: did ferrets die on his face?
MISHA: it's elijah wood on craaack
EJ: omg
EJ: Potter is Elijah Woods malformed clone D:
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I find my lack of employment depressing. I have enough money to pay this month's (Apirl, obviously I paid March already) rent, and probably next month so long as I don't spend much of anything. I might go out hunting work at like Outback or something ridiculous like that. Something that gives me income of some sort. Simply because hanging around the house will drive me nuts.

I also need to get my oil changed. DAMN YOU CAR. Ok, not really damn it. I love my Kia. But still. My Dad and mom came up this last weekend and we talked about me moving 'home' and going back to school, but while that would be nice? The mere thought of giving up my cats made me break down into tears last night (my Father is allergic and does not want cats in his house.) It is more so that I'd have to give up Cringer. Because while Little Man is precious and I love him, I've only had him for a couple weeks now. Cringer? We've been together for five years, almost six this summer. He is my baby, and giving him up is like handing someone else my child. I just don't know if I can do that.


That aside, I had a headache from hell today, have no desire to really eat much. And just in general mehness all around. Wahoo!

However, I did update my resume, well I just redid it really. I lost my book on resumes, no idea how, and applied to several jobs with the FAA. I'm really hoping this one in Dallas will call, but not going to hold my breath. I'm sure that loads more people have applied that are far more qualified.

Anyway, tomorrow's goals are to apply to some shops and stuff. A couple part-times or whatever might be just what I need for now.
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My Grandfather passed away this morning. It was peaceful, at least for him. He wasn't awake, and hadn't been for several days, and so he was utterly unaware of the happenings around him. I spent most of Saturday at the hospital, and tried my best not to cry when my mom was around.

If I cry it seems to upset my mother more than anything, though she cried when she told me this morning. It was about 7:30 that I got the call.

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I have time to kill, mostly because my head hurts and I really don’t like this instrument I’m working on at the moment. One second it has a leak, the next it doesn’t. blooding annoying as hell. Plus, I shocked myself with 500k Vdc.


Long discussion on the subject of work. )
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I killed my fingers at work. Today there is not throbbing, just sharp pain when I push against them. So still no typing with them, joy. This is utterly ridiculous, I swear. I'll live, of course, but it was just a bitchy day. This week needs to be erased, redone, forgotten, SOMETHING.

And it isn't just me with the bad days. Today Ana called me and told in tears that Clyde (her dog) died. Clyde's been sick for a while, and it is horrible that she had to do it, but at least he isn't in pain anymore. He woke her up unable to breathe at about 4am, and when she got to the vet....the vet said there was blood in his abdomen, possibly from cancer in the spleen. :/ It sucks, Clyde was a sweet, sweet boy. He'll be missed, and at least she isn't in the house alone tonight. Her mom is in town for the night, and she has a kitten. So that is good. I feel for her. *snuggles Ana Bear from far away.*

Typing is still a pain.

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The RPland is a small world after all.

Ironically, points of tonight have amused me. Particularly when you defriended someone like....years ago, and they just today defriended you. Ironic...

Only not really because I couldn't call it bitter. I do however like to say "Its it Ironic", because it is retarded and used badly and it makes me laugh.

Who cares if it makes sense.

Oh right! isn't really drama? But RPland is small world, ja? And in RPland drama exist. And the demand for respect is high. But people? If you have to demand respect? Ju doing it wrong. People will walk on you because you let them, at the same time being the RP Bully? Gets you a bad rep and you'll just be shit out of luck as far as RP partners go.

I get respect from the people I play with because I return that respect. I've been doing this since I was 15, and RP is a give and take. You won't always like what happens, but being free to talk to other players about it is a good thing. If you can't accept that someone doesn't want to play it the way you do, then you should back away slowly. If you are always bullied into doing it someone else's way, find new RP partners.

That is the sum total of it.

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