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My Grandfather passed away this morning. It was peaceful, at least for him. He wasn't awake, and hadn't been for several days, and so he was utterly unaware of the happenings around him. I spent most of Saturday at the hospital, and tried my best not to cry when my mom was around.

If I cry it seems to upset my mother more than anything, though she cried when she told me this morning. It was about 7:30 that I got the call.

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I'm not sure if anything has sunk in or not, at the moment I still pretty much go about things as normal.

But tonight my mom called and said my Grandfather took a turn for the worse and they didn't expect him to make it. He has a fever, and his body is shutting down.

I think he's led a good life, and I think there comes a point that we must let those we love go. I'm just not sure if it has really hit me yet. I've never had to wait for it to happen before, every other time I just got a call or someone told me. I've never done the vigil before.

I'm not sure if I should be upset or not. Something tells me I should, and yet... I'm not.


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