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ANTHA: me and ej had a battle of epic lulz
ANTHA: and our brains are still recovering
ANTHA: so if hades says anything fucked up in this rep im writing, point it out and let me repost
EJ: hahaha
EJ: our epic battle ended with glitter herpes
EJ: which amuses me still
ANTHA: jasper....does not have glitter herpes
EJ: ahaha
KATE: the two of you being twilighty scares me.
ANTHA: dude, my twilight crack is awesome
EJ: Kate
ANTHA: and ej wasnt being twilighty, she was just interacting with it
EJ: it was epic
ANTHA: yes
EJ: Massive Epic
ANTHA: epically epic
EJ: and possibly the reason why Antha and I should never be in the same country at the same time EPIC

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In talking to Kate, we discussed how I might not be a US citizen if Texas has its way. Gov. Rick Perry wants to tell the rest of the US to go 'Fuck itself' and say 'we're out'. Whatever good that'll do, no idea. Cos I predict a lot of "OMG PANIC" once people realize that 'oh shit, all out moneyz mean NOTHINGS, OH NOEZ!!"

Anyway, somewhere in there we were discussing political standings. And I admit to being pretty liberal...but I was curious. So I took a quiz!

Results! )

Apparently I didn't need a quiz to tell me what I already knew. Though, really, I identify myself as an independent, simply because I do not vote based on party. I vote on people that I believe will but support the ideals I want represented, and who I think is best for the job. But the quiz didn't ask that. So. Whatever.

However, that said, I have realized I do vote for a lot of Democrats. Particularly with Judges. This is probably because I do not trust most of the Republican Judges to up hold some key Supreme Court rulings.

Your political compass
Economic Left/Right: -5.00
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.46

Picture thingy )

I'm not sure I followed this one clearly. But apparently I'd get on with The Dalai Lama, and Gandhi (if he were still alive).

More about that picture thingy )
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Kate: I... am brilliant.
EJ: We always knew this
Kate:: I just got very confused by campaign ads on this show I'm watching.
EJ: oh?
Kate: And it took at least 5 minutes to realize I taped it in October.
EJ: ahahahha
EJ: dork
Kate: I'm all "Gahhh! Why is McCain on my telly?"
Kate: " Orite."
EJ: ahahahhaa
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ME: You know how they say
ME: When you have like Motion Sickness and stuff like that you grow out of it?
ME: Its a lie
ME: I've always had motion sickness
Kate: Oh, I never grew out of it. In fact, mine's gotten worse.
ME: and it has gotten worse as I get older
ME: Exactly! Why do you they tell you you'll grow out of it?
Kate: though mine is only in a car usually... only once has a plane made me sick.
ME: I get sick driving my car sometimes now
ME: I think the plane is a combo
ME: of the Motion Sickness and the Vertigo
ME: because I always feel wonky coming off the planes
ME: Like I'm going to fall or something?
ME: and even when we are sitting still
ME: My brain tries to tell me "No, no the plane is moving. STOP BELIEVING YOUR EYES. THE PLANES MOVING."
Kate: Seriously. your brain needs help.
ME: it is wired wrong I think
Kate: I will fix!
Kate: I have tools!
Kate: a circular saw!
ME: <.< about that....
Kate: *bright smile!*
ME: Yeah, I'm going to have to paaaaasss
Kate: did I mention I have a cirular saw?
ME:: Yeah, I think we covered that. Mhm
Kate: and tools.
Kate: PRECISION tools.
ME: ahahahha
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KATE: My buddy list has you listed as an orphan.
KATE: I have no idea why.
Me: .....
Me: What?
Me: I'm an orphan!! WAH!
KATE: yes.
Me: *sniffles*
KATE: you might wan to tell your parents.
KATE: because my AIM would not lie.
Me: *wails* But AIM I'm NOT
KATE: AIM *said* you are.
Me: *sniffles* Ok
Me: *sniffles more* Fiiine
KATE: *pets*

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