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I am amused by the random "Klingon" tag on some guy walking down the street. I know it is there because Brian Molko is a trekkie, but it made me lol. Seriously.

But the hair.... D: WHY....
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.....Can I blame fake!steve?
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Ok total spaz moment, but I got the Placebo newletter last week about the new album, homg June 8th. Not the important part...the important part is the part where I thought I'd cry because I wanted the stupid box sex for 70 freaking pounds.

I has no job :( I can not has :(. SADS.

Anyway, I hadn't had a spaz moment with you about it, despite the random talking about running away to Europe and finding a festival to watch them in. We should totally do a concert, I swear. Like a freaking whole one, this 45 minutes stuff just does NOT work for me.


Going now. :D


Dec. 21st, 2008 03:09 pm
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My heart is wibbling. We must find Brian and slap him upside the head, me thinks.
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"And on the drums with Placebo...?????!!!!! Introducing... Mr Steve Forrest! Hailing from Modesto, California, he was previously the drummer with American rock band, ‘Evaline’."

I don't know. Maybe it is because Steve Hewitt is always going to be Placebo's drummer to me (and der, yeah yeah, even he replaced someone else.)...

But this one kinda doesn't look like he fits in. Mm. This could take some getting used to. :/

But 'Yay!' on the return to the studio?

<.< I'm kinda predicting doom, though. Blond Haired DOOM...

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