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In talking to Kate, we discussed how I might not be a US citizen if Texas has its way. Gov. Rick Perry wants to tell the rest of the US to go 'Fuck itself' and say 'we're out'. Whatever good that'll do, no idea. Cos I predict a lot of "OMG PANIC" once people realize that 'oh shit, all out moneyz mean NOTHINGS, OH NOEZ!!"

Anyway, somewhere in there we were discussing political standings. And I admit to being pretty liberal...but I was curious. So I took a quiz!

Results! )

Apparently I didn't need a quiz to tell me what I already knew. Though, really, I identify myself as an independent, simply because I do not vote based on party. I vote on people that I believe will but support the ideals I want represented, and who I think is best for the job. But the quiz didn't ask that. So. Whatever.

However, that said, I have realized I do vote for a lot of Democrats. Particularly with Judges. This is probably because I do not trust most of the Republican Judges to up hold some key Supreme Court rulings.

Your political compass
Economic Left/Right: -5.00
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.46

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I'm not sure I followed this one clearly. But apparently I'd get on with The Dalai Lama, and Gandhi (if he were still alive).

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I have time to kill, mostly because my head hurts and I really don’t like this instrument I’m working on at the moment. One second it has a leak, the next it doesn’t. blooding annoying as hell. Plus, I shocked myself with 500k Vdc.


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Are you allowed to disown family until after November?

The US is brutal around this time of the year. I swear I wait for the guns and the protesting to break out en masse. And my Brother-In-Law seems to be preprogrammed into believe we are all die-hard Republicans.

You know what, Bubba?

I'm a god-damn INDEPENDENT, thank you. I look at what everything has to offer and I base my choice on what I want to see, not what I feel a party should be, or whatever. Ug. What is so hard to understand about that?

Anyway, I've been at work for a week and half now. I made a joke yesterday to one of the guys, Allen. He said I was 'too good for the donuts', to which I replied- "what? I already ate breakfast."

Allen: "Well so did I and I'm eating them!"

Me: "We can't all eat our weight in food, sorry."

The guys laughed, which is a good sign. We are getting beyond the awkward "its a girl" stage. (For the record, I am the only girl in the shop. So...)

Antha's B-day is on the 2nd. And I'm posting this notice NOW so she doesn't think I FORGOT because I'm too damn tired to do it on tuesday. SO HAPPY BIRFDAY ANTHA!!

AAlso today, I opened a bank account. And hopefully in the next week or so I'll buy some tickets to DC to see Ana. And then we will have funs over Thanksgiving.

Talked to Yee today, and told him I was all sads because he was in Tulsa and Mike was in Tulsa and Rachel is in OKC. And I'm here. Sad timez :(. I wanted to go see a movie, but people are a state away. No good.

And that is it for NOW.

Go back to your lives. Thank you.

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