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Aug. 13th, 2009 12:39 pm
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So, recently in my life, I've decided that in order to feel better about the food I eat, I've decided to go meat/significantly reduced meat in take. I've been doing this for about week, and aside from the stake my dad made a while ago, I've been doing pretty good!

Until today :(

Today I woke up and instead of craving the waffles/pancakes that I was last night...I want spicy chicken wings, or some BBQ beef. D:

This is upsetting. :(
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EJ: My nose looks really curved there :/
EJ: I hate that
EJ: I want a nose job to fix it
EJ: but then I'm like D: Surgery
ANTHA:your nose looks fine
ANTHA:my nose pisses me off
ANTHA:because the bridge is okay
ANTHA:but then the end puffs out
ANTHA:like a bit of cauliflower
ANTHA:and it just ruins the all that nice bridge
EJ: It looks cute to me
EJ: and at least it is straight?
ANTHA:only because society tells it that it should be
EJ: Society failed to tell mine
ANTHA:maybe they did, but your nose chooses to be out and proud?
EJ: Is that like saying it is gay?
ANTHA:reread the society bit
EJ: I did :/
EJ: But if it is isn't straight
EJ: it must be gay.. :O
ANTHA:i know
EJ: Look at that.
EJ: I'm part gay
ANTHA:your nose is a lesbian
EJ: But not butch i hope :/
ANTHA:that would be a great icebreaker
ANTHA:'does my nose look like a butch lesbian to you?'
EJ: ahahahaha
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On the DFW news today, they were talking about how Dallas is going to vote on a daytime curfew for people under 18. And you know? I'm not against it. The point is to keep kids in schools. And parents are protesting? I'm sorry? But if you kept your kids in school, it wouldn't be a fucking issue, would it?

Anyway, I don't like kids. :/ I look going out during the day because kids aren't going to be there. Ug.

Anyway...I slept through American Idol :/. I fell asleep like...30 minutes before it started D:.

Buuut I listened to the performances, so I still got my Adam moment. At like...5am. But anyway. I really don't like Danny. I will he'd gone and not Allison. Allison was spunky, and Danny is just annoying and really can't sing as well as Kris and Adam. I'm going to give you proof.


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I don't have anything to say, really. But I just really wanted to post with this icon. :D

I'm endlessly amused with Jackson Rathbone of late.

I've also sort of developed a joy for Indie music. Particularly Beirut. Antha doesn't like them so much, but I kinda just want to follow them around Paris and be all ":D :D :D".

This is my rebellion against adulthood. I wish I'd been more interested in music as a kid.

I still really like that vid. :D

EDIT: Also, why does IJ only show the embedded vids on my layout, but not if I go to a comment page. D: What's wrong with you IJ?

Rain Rain

Apr. 27th, 2009 08:51 am
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I'm pretty sure lightening hit my apartment building. I saw a large, bright flash...and then BOOM, whole building shakes like mad. Freakishly scary, man.

In Texas, when it rains...we have massive storms :D.

However, I'm sleepy as fuck :/
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My insomnia has come back, I fear. Well, technically it never went away, but it was managed, you know? Now my sleep cycle is getting all wonked again, which means righting it is just going to be painful. I laid down for sleep at like 2am, only to still be wide awake by 3am. About 3:30 I gave up and started reading my book.

I just finished it. And while yawning a bit, no more tired now than I was at midnight. If I were to lay down, I'd have been up a whole 2 hours later today than the night before. Which is always how this seems to start. My sleep cycle does this little circling dance about normal hours of functioning and my brains hours. This is not desirable, and will become a hindrance.

I'm not entirely sure what do about it, though. Seeing as my lack of things to do does not help. Blah.

Kitten goes to the vet at 10, though. So after that I may nap. Mm.
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I have time to kill, mostly because my head hurts and I really don’t like this instrument I’m working on at the moment. One second it has a leak, the next it doesn’t. blooding annoying as hell. Plus, I shocked myself with 500k Vdc.


Long discussion on the subject of work. )
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So four districts were closed, maybe up to 6. Three of which had sets of people I knew. Such grand fun. Tom told me that HR made the guys from Marshall drive 50 miles to get their Severance packages, too. God, talk about harsh as fuck?

That aside, I just saw a commercial for this interview with the lady that had the Octuplets. And what I want to know is why has NO ONE called this woman irresponsible? I'm sorry, I am a single, childless adult. I don't know the joys of motherhood, I don't much care too either to be honest. Children? Annoy me. Babies that get slobber and spit everywhere make me want to run to my bathroom and scrub myself down. Dramatic, yeah, but true. No matter what people say about how I'm good with kids, I teach them well, etc. I still don't like them.

And yet, this woman who is single, already had like 6 kids, is being treated like a damn hero. Why? Because she endangered her life and the lives of her babies by trying to have so many. This is not worthy of praise! In a world where the human population is rapidly growing without any natural population controls because we've all cleverly sidestepped them. We've cured most of it, found ways around a lot.

And we breed than mice.

God, that woman pisses me off, and reminds me that I don't need children because people like that make it so I don't need to add anything to society. Would it kill some of those 'breed like rabbits' idiots to....oh NOT HAVE KIDS. If you love babies so much? Fucking adopt, stop killing the population by having to many kids.


Jan. 31st, 2009 12:27 am
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Antha thinks I am weird because I'm watching the SuperballBowl for the commercials. I try to tell her it is a national pass time...

she called us Freaks.

P.S. Nick Cave and the Hobos or whatever....are horrible. This music has no appeal to me. He reminds me of a Baptist Preacher in a musical.
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So, I bought an XBox 360 earlier this week with a gift card my parents gave me for Christmas. And I have three games for it. One I could care less about and one that I've been wanting to play for ages.

But also, I went to game stop today and bought Knights of the Old Republic II and also FFX...

Which should tell you all pretty much what I'll be doing. Even though I've beaten the game before, that was on my sister's system and I'm just too damn lazy to ask her for the memory card with the game on it. Plus, I'd still replay it.

Though, thinking about it all, I think I'll miss the FFXII system. I know they change it for every FF game, but it was nice being able to sort of pick and choose who you wanted wanted to fight. Though FFX is nice in the fact that as long as everyone is alive and took PART in the fighting, they all get the exp.

So, it is kinda a give and take.

Eventually I'll get the other FF games, though FFX-2 bored the piss out of me. Possibly because Yuna was not my favorite character, ever, and now we get to do this 'Yaaaaaaaaaay Yuna!!' Story? Meh.

Eventually I'll buy it just to beat it, and then be all "Yes, I have played and beat all the FF games."

Which sort of means I need FFIX too.


Oh well. FFX Ahoy!
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So I keep thinking of things I want to post about during my day. Something funny someone did at work, something stupid, something whatever. But then by the time I get home, I'm all "oh fuck posting." Hell, I barely keep awake long enough to post/rep for my characters! And you people expect me to do it for my personal journal. Pft. Who you kidding?

Bright things about this week? Shanna brought Mauri back to play with Percy. And I will forever be in love with her for it. Monster Quest on the history channel can get down right creepy, or stupid. It really sort of depends on who is doing what. Though, along that train of thought? Dear woman on the history channel...if Big Foot/Grassman/Whatever you want to call him is real? HE CANNOT BE SINISTER. It is an ANIMAL. It very likely does not stand there in the dark and plot how to slice you into a thousand pieces, only human do shit like that. That kinda irked me last night. Its like when people talk about Man-Eater Lions. They aren't evil, you fucking idiots. We, regardless what you like to believe, are a part of the natural cycle. We can be and sometimes ARE a part of the food chain. Just because we have disposal thumbs doesn't exempt us from being food for animals that figured out that the fugly two legged, hairless creatures are easy to catch.

Get over it. If you don't want to be cat food? Why not stop imposing on their land.


Yeah, I don't really have much to life to talk about. That's about it. Need to call Yee at some point and be a good little friend.

Also, I'm still fucking tired. I went to be early last night, and still woke up late. It sucked. Made it to work in time, but still. BLAH.

EDIT: I forgot to add this-

The first six people to respond to this post will get something made by me. It will be about or tailored to those six lucky "victims."

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:
- I make no guarantees that you will like what I make!
- what I create will be just for you.
- it'll be done this year
- you have no clue what it's going to be. It may be fic. It may be poetry. I may draw or paint something. I may bake you something and mail it to you. Who knows? Not you, that's for sure!
- I reserve the right to do something extremely strange.
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Atalanta79 (10:29:38 PM): You know
Atalanta79 (10:30:05 PM): if [Eddie] Vedder [singer for Pearl Jam] was just a disembodied voice?
Atalanta79 (10:30:10 PM): I'd probably be in love with him
Crayoncrunch (10:30:15 PM): ahahaha
Atalanta79 (10:30:21 PM): Seriously
Atalanta79 (10:30:26 PM): He's got [Has] a sexy voice
Crayoncrunch (10:32:09 PM): i know what you mean though
Crayoncrunch (10:32:44 PM): some of the faces he makes in the video for Jeremy
Crayoncrunch (10:33:06 PM): well, i'd institutionalise him for them
Atalanta79 (10:33:14 PM): ahahaha yeah
Atalanta79 (10:33:24 PM): He looks like he wants to eat children sometimes
Crayoncrunch (10:33:33 PM): hahahah
Crayoncrunch (10:33:40 PM): like he ate jeremy
Atalanta79 (10:35:41 PM): He broke him
Atalanta79 (10:35:43 PM): then ate him
Atalanta79 (10:35:45 PM): Nom nom nom
Crayoncrunch (10:35:49 PM): rofl
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Someone made me a shiny! *Points to journal*

Its "OH MY ZEUS" pretty.

I <3 [insanejournal.com profile] unchainme.

Also. :( I did bads. Mo was hurted after talking to me on the phone yesterday, I'm a bad jinxy EJ. Boo.

*loves Mo.*
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For the record, I had a good Thanksgiving. Good Friends, good food, good fun. Played Football, won football, and then rocked the house with some laughs and jokes.

However, we went to go see Twilight after the game?

I....was ready to leave half-way through the movie. Ok, the 'its like a thousand diamonds' comment? No, No you crazy little half-wit, its a bad glitter job. Also, what the hell was up with the crazy Edward eyes? Another thing, What the fuck? SERIOUSLY, how STUPID is this girl?

The movie was pretty. That is it. Pretty, aside from bad glitter moment, and the rest if just...ug.

Baseball, eh. James? Looked cool. Everything else? OMG....No. Horrible.

though I made people in the movie laugh with my groans, scoffs, snorts, and random "oh my god" comments.

Twilight the movie, like the book, is sickly fail.
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The RPland is a small world after all.

Ironically, points of tonight have amused me. Particularly when you defriended someone like....years ago, and they just today defriended you. Ironic...

Only not really because I couldn't call it bitter. I do however like to say "Its it Ironic", because it is retarded and used badly and it makes me laugh.

Who cares if it makes sense.

Oh right! So...it isn't really drama? But RPland is small world, ja? And in RPland drama exist. And the demand for respect is high. But people? If you have to demand respect? Ju doing it wrong. People will walk on you because you let them, at the same time being the RP Bully? Gets you a bad rep and you'll just be shit out of luck as far as RP partners go.

I get respect from the people I play with because I return that respect. I've been doing this since I was 15, and RP is a give and take. You won't always like what happens, but being free to talk to other players about it is a good thing. If you can't accept that someone doesn't want to play it the way you do, then you should back away slowly. If you are always bullied into doing it someone else's way, find new RP partners.

That is the sum total of it.
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I honestly think that, really.

About a month ago, or so I started this awesome Meme. I was, seriously, riding a high of 'hee, everyone is getting along!' when it came around and everyone was doing it. It felt great. Which is completely unrelated, really.

Tonight I couldn't even finish a prompt for Percy. 1070 words and...I think I might just scrap it. I feel, sometimes, that it doesn't matter what I write. The same people would blab blab about 'its great', and go on. I don't feel it is...but...

I don't know. :/

It is sort of an all around discontent with writing I suppose. (and yes, I realize that only like four people read my journal. And those same four people are the only ones that really try to offer help, and one of them doesn't even RP really anymore.)

I wish I could write something and feel like it was fucking awesome instead of looking at stupid comms and feeling down that no one ever mentions something I've written. It is ridiculously vain to want to see my muses mentioned, I know...but even thinking back to it the meme I did...the only people that even mentioned me were the people that were expected to. Which, in reality? Is probably because in the grand world of internets I know like...no one. Seriously. I am the wallflower at the dance, and the only people that say I'm awesome? Are my friends. And those friends? I secretly that when they say 'Oh Ej, EVERYONE thinks you are AWESOME!' it is only to make me feel a little more important to the internet worlds that I am.

Because, as stated, I am a wallflower.

Hence the 'I'm fucking nuts' theory. Because I'm having a down moment that is beyond understanding. The fact 'Mom, no one likes me. Not even my friends' is making me want to cry, is surely not something sane people do. It also isn't sane feel this way, because three weeks ago you were happy enough to make people on acid jealous.

I think I'm going to delete the post. It is shitty anyway. Now I just don't know what to write.


Sep. 17th, 2008 11:49 pm
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First Pro-Baseball game; Ranger Stadium in Arlington (That's like...the actual name. Dull I know. Fucking awesome looking stadium though.) FUCKING AWESOME SEATS (Dude like handed me, Kiki, Alex and Rachel four tickets to replace our 'crappy' ones. We were right under the press-box behind Home plate.)

Top of the 4th. Ranger are down by 1...

Then Detroit scores 9 runs...9

By the top of the 5th...they scored 5 more.

They won 17...

to 1.

.....Jesus that was the worst game ever.

Anyway. Tired. Bed. Later.
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I need to stop putting holes in myself.

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