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My aunt forwarded an email, lie, has pissed me off. Ug.

Email. )

Hey, Piss-ants, Did you forget all the things that you so called Christians did? Or are you still blaming that on the 'Roman oppression' of your religion? The few never represent the whole, but the more you all go about making 'judgments' and screaming 'press the red button', the more you prove that you are ignorant and push others to extremes. You're 'freedom' is biased toward those that share your beliefs, and it sickening to me.

Go fuck yourselves now.


IT IS A FUCKING HOAX YOU GOD DAMN MOTHER FUCKING IGNORANT FUCKING :OJrgj FOOLS. Try looking shit up before you just send it on.

Fuck you

Rain Rain

Apr. 27th, 2009 08:51 am
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I'm pretty sure lightening hit my apartment building. I saw a large, bright flash...and then BOOM, whole building shakes like mad. Freakishly scary, man.

In Texas, when it rains...we have massive storms :D.

However, I'm sleepy as fuck :/
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In talking to Kate, we discussed how I might not be a US citizen if Texas has its way. Gov. Rick Perry wants to tell the rest of the US to go 'Fuck itself' and say 'we're out'. Whatever good that'll do, no idea. Cos I predict a lot of "OMG PANIC" once people realize that 'oh shit, all out moneyz mean NOTHINGS, OH NOEZ!!"

Anyway, somewhere in there we were discussing political standings. And I admit to being pretty liberal...but I was curious. So I took a quiz!

Results! )

Apparently I didn't need a quiz to tell me what I already knew. Though, really, I identify myself as an independent, simply because I do not vote based on party. I vote on people that I believe will but support the ideals I want represented, and who I think is best for the job. But the quiz didn't ask that. So. Whatever.

However, that said, I have realized I do vote for a lot of Democrats. Particularly with Judges. This is probably because I do not trust most of the Republican Judges to up hold some key Supreme Court rulings.

Your political compass
Economic Left/Right: -5.00
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.46

Picture thingy )

I'm not sure I followed this one clearly. But apparently I'd get on with The Dalai Lama, and Gandhi (if he were still alive).

More about that picture thingy )


Apr. 4th, 2009 04:06 pm
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The job hunt....does not go well. Though people keep asking for the Resume, no one is biting. Fucking short bus economy.

I might end up just applying to UT or Texas State, and moving home. Its sort of a bitch, thinking "wow, stepping backward now." But tonight I get to listen to my brother in law telling me what I need to go and do and blah blah blah.

I really don't like people telling me what to do with my life. It makes me irate.

And this has been your "Life of EJ" update.
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My insomnia has come back, I fear. Well, technically it never went away, but it was managed, you know? Now my sleep cycle is getting all wonked again, which means righting it is just going to be painful. I laid down for sleep at like 2am, only to still be wide awake by 3am. About 3:30 I gave up and started reading my book.

I just finished it. And while yawning a bit, no more tired now than I was at midnight. If I were to lay down, I'd have been up a whole 2 hours later today than the night before. Which is always how this seems to start. My sleep cycle does this little circling dance about normal hours of functioning and my brains hours. This is not desirable, and will become a hindrance.

I'm not entirely sure what do about it, though. Seeing as my lack of things to do does not help. Blah.

Kitten goes to the vet at 10, though. So after that I may nap. Mm.
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My Grandfather passed away this morning. It was peaceful, at least for him. He wasn't awake, and hadn't been for several days, and so he was utterly unaware of the happenings around him. I spent most of Saturday at the hospital, and tried my best not to cry when my mom was around.

If I cry it seems to upset my mother more than anything, though she cried when she told me this morning. It was about 7:30 that I got the call.

Read more... )
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My Grandfather is an old man, and there is very little you can say about him that would make you ever think he wasn't resilient. Yesterday he apparently had two heart attacks, and hit his head...twice. He's 90 or so, and still kicking. (Though, he does have dementia, and usually has no clue who I was.)

Anyway, I know he isn't...dying/dead as far as anyone else can think. But I think I might take the day and drive out there to see him.

Not sure. I need to walk the dog and shower, though.
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I have time to kill, mostly because my head hurts and I really don’t like this instrument I’m working on at the moment. One second it has a leak, the next it doesn’t. blooding annoying as hell. Plus, I shocked myself with 500k Vdc.


Long discussion on the subject of work. )
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I killed my fingers at work. Today there is not throbbing, just sharp pain when I push against them. So still no typing with them, joy. This is utterly ridiculous, I swear. I'll live, of course, but it was just a bitchy day. This week needs to be erased, redone, forgotten, SOMETHING.

And it isn't just me with the bad days. Today Ana called me and told in tears that Clyde (her dog) died. Clyde's been sick for a while, and it is horrible that she had to do it, but at least he isn't in pain anymore. He woke her up unable to breathe at about 4am, and when she got to the vet....the vet said there was blood in his abdomen, possibly from cancer in the spleen. :/ It sucks, Clyde was a sweet, sweet boy. He'll be missed, and at least she isn't in the house alone tonight. Her mom is in town for the night, and she has a kitten. So that is good. I feel for her. *snuggles Ana Bear from far away.*

Typing is still a pain.

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Someone made me a shiny! *Points to journal*

Its "OH MY ZEUS" pretty.

I <3 [ profile] unchainme.

Also. :( I did bads. Mo was hurted after talking to me on the phone yesterday, I'm a bad jinxy EJ. Boo.

*loves Mo.*
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We all have that friend that we'd do anything for, that we HAVE done anything for and that we laugh and smile and have fun with. But there comes to a point when you start to realize that maybe things aren't always so chipper in friend land. Because say: You're there to help, support, listen. And then in turn they can make you feel like the only time you are useful is...

when they have a shitty day.

You know what? If you don't want to chat, just SAY so. Not have these one word conversations that make me think you are fucking PISSED at ME. You logged onto AIM, nothing you NEVER do anymore, and when I IM you, you blow me off. You know, the person that has listened to you bitch about how no one ever IMs you when you are on AIM.

Alright, fine, here is a news flash. Get your head out of your ass, please, and look at the conversations you have. You might not think it matters? But it does. When someone DOES IM you, a little politeness goes a long fucking way. Especially considering how long we've damn well known each other.

You know those friends you've been saying that made you feel like they were taking advantage of you?

That's been how you've made me feel more and more lately. The fact that YES, and I've TOLD you this before and it doesn't seem to EVER click in your head, but it has ALWAYS been ME going to YOU when we want to do things. ALWAYS. The first time you even fucking came to Oxford was when Ali came down too. Which, excellent, fucking awesome. It took another friend of ours to get you to come see ME. Thank you. Glad to know that I mean that much as a friend that you won't come visit without incentive. I'm also happy to know even though you want to try things or teach me new games that I'm always up for it, but YOU can't return that favor.


Enough. I'm tired of feeling like the only one that tries to keep things going. At the rate things are going, I sometimes have to wonder why I'd want to move closer to you, when I could go closer to other friends that give a little more back. At least when I call them and they happen to be reading, they tell me instead of letting me feel like a piece of shit for interrupting things.


Sep. 17th, 2008 11:49 pm
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First Pro-Baseball game; Ranger Stadium in Arlington (That's like...the actual name. Dull I know. Fucking awesome looking stadium though.) FUCKING AWESOME SEATS (Dude like handed me, Kiki, Alex and Rachel four tickets to replace our 'crappy' ones. We were right under the press-box behind Home plate.)

Top of the 4th. Ranger are down by 1...

Then Detroit scores 9 runs...9

By the top of the 5th...they scored 5 more.

They won 17...

to 1.

.....Jesus that was the worst game ever.

Anyway. Tired. Bed. Later.
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Are you allowed to disown family until after November?

The US is brutal around this time of the year. I swear I wait for the guns and the protesting to break out en masse. And my Brother-In-Law seems to be preprogrammed into believe we are all die-hard Republicans.

You know what, Bubba?

I'm a god-damn INDEPENDENT, thank you. I look at what everything has to offer and I base my choice on what I want to see, not what I feel a party should be, or whatever. Ug. What is so hard to understand about that?

Anyway, I've been at work for a week and half now. I made a joke yesterday to one of the guys, Allen. He said I was 'too good for the donuts', to which I replied- "what? I already ate breakfast."

Allen: "Well so did I and I'm eating them!"

Me: "We can't all eat our weight in food, sorry."

The guys laughed, which is a good sign. We are getting beyond the awkward "its a girl" stage. (For the record, I am the only girl in the shop. So...)

Antha's B-day is on the 2nd. And I'm posting this notice NOW so she doesn't think I FORGOT because I'm too damn tired to do it on tuesday. SO HAPPY BIRFDAY ANTHA!!

AAlso today, I opened a bank account. And hopefully in the next week or so I'll buy some tickets to DC to see Ana. And then we will have funs over Thanksgiving.

Talked to Yee today, and told him I was all sads because he was in Tulsa and Mike was in Tulsa and Rachel is in OKC. And I'm here. Sad timez :(. I wanted to go see a movie, but people are a state away. No good.

And that is it for NOW.

Go back to your lives. Thank you.
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I'll be back...


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I mooove, in like 7 days. This time next week I'll be putting shit on a TRUCK, and hoping to some weather god it doesn't rain nor is too fucking hot. And between freaking out over "where can I find boxes!?!" and "omg I need to steamclean and vacuum!!" And about a billion OTHER THINGS...

I feel like I'm stuck in the Jello, oh hello.


I still need to call Cox and be all "come get you shitz." But I think I'll opt for driving up to their office myself and turning the stuff in as I leave town. Mostly because I have to argue with them about, oh...right, about giving me the RIGHT MODEM THAT I PAID FOR.




To Do List

Jul. 9th, 2008 04:16 pm
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Mostly just Mount Olympus stuffs, like Zelos and repping.


Character profiles thingies.
If you want something tellz me so I remember.
If they are icons, you can expect to wait longer as I has no love for icon making.


Call Arlington about that damn ticket I can't get through the line for.
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In my hunt for a new fangled place to live for that grand ole job I start in Aug/September?

Yeah....YAY EJ....

I have managed to total my car.


fuckin' hell.
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Oklahoma is flooding. But then that might have something to do with it raining for three days straight, stopping, and then before all that dries up...raining again.

Just a thought on that.

I need to go buy boxes at some point. Normally I'm all 'fuck it' and sort of just toss shit around when I move, but this time I have to orderly. So, boxes. Then tossing shit I don't need to keep. And then packing the rest up. The closer it gets to Aug. 13...the more "eeeeeeeek" this all feels.
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1) Rach... >.> I lied Saturday. I never made it online because Micky and Rachel came over to play the PS2, too. Annnd...then it was 6am. Sorry. :( Beat me like a red-headed step-child. I deserve it.

2) For those that are all "where the hell is EJ"... yeah, I bought a PS2 finally. And...I'm playing with my PS2 because it is new and shiny. So...


3) I did manage to finish something with Kate last night, AND do a bunch of reps this morning. That should get be brownie points. I still don't know what the hell to do with CT as I'm supposed to be repping to a post...and I don't know what post that is?

And PS2 is more engaging that trying to figure all that out.

4) So...concluding today's post?

I'll probably go home, make dinner, and play more FFXII because I'M ADDICTED.

Thank you.

((Just be thankful it isn't FFX or FFVII. I will eventually take a break from this one.))

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