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My aunt forwarded an email, lie, has pissed me off. Ug.

Email. )

Hey, Piss-ants, Did you forget all the things that you so called Christians did? Or are you still blaming that on the 'Roman oppression' of your religion? The few never represent the whole, but the more you all go about making 'judgments' and screaming 'press the red button', the more you prove that you are ignorant and push others to extremes. You're 'freedom' is biased toward those that share your beliefs, and it sickening to me.

Go fuck yourselves now.


IT IS A FUCKING HOAX YOU GOD DAMN MOTHER FUCKING IGNORANT FUCKING :OJrgj FOOLS. Try looking shit up before you just send it on.

Fuck you
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My Grandfather passed away this morning. It was peaceful, at least for him. He wasn't awake, and hadn't been for several days, and so he was utterly unaware of the happenings around him. I spent most of Saturday at the hospital, and tried my best not to cry when my mom was around.

If I cry it seems to upset my mother more than anything, though she cried when she told me this morning. It was about 7:30 that I got the call.

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I have time to kill, mostly because my head hurts and I really don’t like this instrument I’m working on at the moment. One second it has a leak, the next it doesn’t. blooding annoying as hell. Plus, I shocked myself with 500k Vdc.


Long discussion on the subject of work. )
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I killed my fingers at work. Today there is not throbbing, just sharp pain when I push against them. So still no typing with them, joy. This is utterly ridiculous, I swear. I'll live, of course, but it was just a bitchy day. This week needs to be erased, redone, forgotten, SOMETHING.

And it isn't just me with the bad days. Today Ana called me and told in tears that Clyde (her dog) died. Clyde's been sick for a while, and it is horrible that she had to do it, but at least he isn't in pain anymore. He woke her up unable to breathe at about 4am, and when she got to the vet....the vet said there was blood in his abdomen, possibly from cancer in the spleen. :/ It sucks, Clyde was a sweet, sweet boy. He'll be missed, and at least she isn't in the house alone tonight. Her mom is in town for the night, and she has a kitten. So that is good. I feel for her. *snuggles Ana Bear from far away.*

Typing is still a pain.

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Someone made me a shiny! *Points to journal*

Its "OH MY ZEUS" pretty.

I <3 [ profile] unchainme.

Also. :( I did bads. Mo was hurted after talking to me on the phone yesterday, I'm a bad jinxy EJ. Boo.

*loves Mo.*
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We all have that friend that we'd do anything for, that we HAVE done anything for and that we laugh and smile and have fun with. But there comes to a point when you start to realize that maybe things aren't always so chipper in friend land. Because say: You're there to help, support, listen. And then in turn they can make you feel like the only time you are useful is...

when they have a shitty day.

You know what? If you don't want to chat, just SAY so. Not have these one word conversations that make me think you are fucking PISSED at ME. You logged onto AIM, nothing you NEVER do anymore, and when I IM you, you blow me off. You know, the person that has listened to you bitch about how no one ever IMs you when you are on AIM.

Alright, fine, here is a news flash. Get your head out of your ass, please, and look at the conversations you have. You might not think it matters? But it does. When someone DOES IM you, a little politeness goes a long fucking way. Especially considering how long we've damn well known each other.

You know those friends you've been saying that made you feel like they were taking advantage of you?

That's been how you've made me feel more and more lately. The fact that YES, and I've TOLD you this before and it doesn't seem to EVER click in your head, but it has ALWAYS been ME going to YOU when we want to do things. ALWAYS. The first time you even fucking came to Oxford was when Ali came down too. Which, excellent, fucking awesome. It took another friend of ours to get you to come see ME. Thank you. Glad to know that I mean that much as a friend that you won't come visit without incentive. I'm also happy to know even though you want to try things or teach me new games that I'm always up for it, but YOU can't return that favor.


Enough. I'm tired of feeling like the only one that tries to keep things going. At the rate things are going, I sometimes have to wonder why I'd want to move closer to you, when I could go closer to other friends that give a little more back. At least when I call them and they happen to be reading, they tell me instead of letting me feel like a piece of shit for interrupting things.


Sep. 17th, 2008 11:49 pm
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First Pro-Baseball game; Ranger Stadium in Arlington (That's like...the actual name. Dull I know. Fucking awesome looking stadium though.) FUCKING AWESOME SEATS (Dude like handed me, Kiki, Alex and Rachel four tickets to replace our 'crappy' ones. We were right under the press-box behind Home plate.)

Top of the 4th. Ranger are down by 1...

Then Detroit scores 9 runs...9

By the top of the 5th...they scored 5 more.

They won 17...

to 1.

.....Jesus that was the worst game ever.

Anyway. Tired. Bed. Later.


Jun. 7th, 2008 07:08 pm
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So, not only have I just been feeling less and less like getting online lately (read: all week), I've been losing my mind.

Example: I keep hearing people say things they did not say. As in, distinctly hear them say something only for me to ask them about it and they get me this "what are you on" look.

Also, I've become more forgetful. I went to the store to buy trash bags, as I have none. I buy all my food stuff, and forget the trash bags. Yay, me!

I'm still plucking away at my FFXII game, and I think I'm going to go back to it. I've just not felt like doing any RP lately. Sorry.
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If I bail your happy ass out of jail with two other people for $1290 ever again? You better fucking kiss the ground I walk on.

Thank you.

I'm pissed the fuck off with you still.


Mm. :/

May. 7th, 2008 09:29 am
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1. I love my friends. In Real Life, and online. Mostly because there are a good number of people online that I've come to know well enough that they are just as much my friends as those sitting next to me in a coffee shop.

Recently, in RL, one of my best friends has had to deal with a stalker. So for those online that were upset at my abrupt or sudden 'going to get coffee' it is usually because something involving the stalker came up, and to make Rachel feel a little safer...Mikey and I spend all night at the Coffee shop. Saturday we finally made a police report concerning the stalker.

So hopefully that is dealt with.

2. Lately I've been feeling a bit under-accomplished with my writing for Percy. I'm not sure if it is because he is the only muse I've been writing prompts with, or if it is just the subject matter. I do want to write it, but at the same time I feel like I'm not quite reaching a point of satisfaction that I want.

Which, really, is ironic. Since I started writing for him, I've received a number of comments from people I've previously never known, about how much they liked the character. Sadly, I cannot say I do not sometimes wonder where this comes from, mostly because this has never happened before. Generally, and maybe I'm jaded, most people seem not care about characters that are not played by friends, or anything of that sort. I know, I'm just as guilty. I read what is on my flist, because it is there and I always remember to read that. (Which reminds me, I really need to add Loki so I can finally read those prompts Ana wanted me to read. Honestly, I haven't forgotten.)

So I'm honored in one breath, and curious in the other as to how many actually read Percy's writing. I also wonder how many people give honest assessments to the writing.

3. I really need to get back to finish some of my Photoshop projects that I haven't gotten to yet. Hell, I can't even remember what projects those all are.

Hey Loser:

Apr. 30th, 2008 08:17 am
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I smoked a fag, today.

and I liked it.
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So this morning has already been funny as hell.

Rachel and I decided to take an hour long break as our work was done and we pretty much have shit all to do today. So, after coffee and discussing yesterday's "Alien mates with Apeman" conversation with Jim, we sit outside the building and find something new to discuss. This of course leads us to the ever amusing discussion of, "sometimes I wish I was born a guy in the 1600s."

Rachel of course choose the 1800s, to be a gun slinger out west. And while we were amused and chuckling over other tid-bits (including how, "damn, I'd hit that if I was a guy") I smile and take a drag of a cigarette.

Looking at Rachel, I beam and quite happily state, "I've said this to others before, but if I was guy? I'd be gay...I mean, I'm still me. And I? I like guys far more than women. So, obviously, I'd be gay."

Rachel laughs, and shakes her head before stating, "yeah, but I don't think sex would be as much fun with another guy. Sort of a waste."

We both start laughing, and suddenly one of the instructors comes outside to tell us that his class is studying and that, yes, they can clearly hear us.

As he leaves we break into chuckles, and I suddenly look up, "you know, if they can hear us...they have to be thinking 'Damn, what the fuck are they talking about. Gay what??!?"

Rachel nearly falls over laughing (as silently as she can) and says breathlessly, "the funny thing is...they are going to be thinking I've seriously tried it all before now!"

I nearly kill myself from laughing.
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People have a lot of theories about aliens, humans, God, devils, and evolution of the Ape Man. For example, a man in my class was recently discussing how mankind cannot understand or logic out alien intentions. He then went on to discuss the Egyptians and their hieroglyphics concerning ‘aliens’.

Suddenly a thought occurs to me, and I turn to another classmate and good friend announcing quite seriously, “Alien mates with Ape Man and begets Hu-man…”

The thought then complete, I return to my mindless reading.
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14 weeks and I'm done. Well, more like 16 if you count a 2 week break in there. But 14 weeks. I walk June 19th, and then I move Aug 14th or so.

I don't think the reality has set in year. I just keep repeating it like a dummy. "14"

When reality hits. There will be panic. You have all been warned.

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