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First let me say this- I have played many other muses over the course of my LJ/GJ/IJ RP times, however, I only list characters that I will still play at least in random intervals. If a character comes off the list it is because I just do not think I will ever really pick them up again. I might even delete their journals eventually. There are even characters here that I don't play that often, but haven't completely written off yet. However, just because a character is on the list does not mean that I am inclined to play them at the drop of a hat. There are some characters here that I've not removed simply because I do not want to offend people by taking them down, but I honestly have little to no interest in playing. I've taken all my IJ characters off the list, just because I really don't play them. And I've just be 'eh' about a lot of my Godlings for a while.

Anyway- Zee list.

Down the Rabbit's Hole. )
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Arsene!mun: lolol
Arsene!mun: this is bad
Arsene!mun: shit is gonna go pear shaped
Atlanta79: Percy is all "I should stop this...."
Atlanta79: but then he remembers
Atlanta79: neither one of them listens to him
Arsene!mun: lolol
Arsene!mun: percy: *sits back, eats popcorn*
Atlanta79: lol
Atlanta79: bloody popcorn
Atlanta79: who needs butter! We've got blood!
Arsene!mun: orvile reckinbaucker's vampire popcorn
Arsene!mun: omg wtf lol
Atlanta79: ahahhaa

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