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On the DFW news today, they were talking about how Dallas is going to vote on a daytime curfew for people under 18. And you know? I'm not against it. The point is to keep kids in schools. And parents are protesting? I'm sorry? But if you kept your kids in school, it wouldn't be a fucking issue, would it?

Anyway, I don't like kids. :/ I look going out during the day because kids aren't going to be there. Ug.

Anyway...I slept through American Idol :/. I fell asleep like...30 minutes before it started D:.

Buuut I listened to the performances, so I still got my Adam moment. At like...5am. But anyway. I really don't like Danny. I will he'd gone and not Allison. Allison was spunky, and Danny is just annoying and really can't sing as well as Kris and Adam. I'm going to give you proof.


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My crush on him has shrunk...a ickle bit.

Oh Adam, oh dear sweet Adam. Say it isn't so. *Sniffles*

Also, I have to admit that I am actually watching this American Idol thing simply because this guy is on the show. I'm in luv. Ok, not he likes the less than fair sex, but if I were male, and gay- I would so be there.

Or something.

I'll put a picture of him on the wall next to Stef and Neil Patrick Harris in the "EJ's unrealistic, if only she were a boy, Crushes."

Yeah, I know. I'm weird. Get over it.

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