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There are few things on the internet that truly make me laugh. But wow, I think I might have broken a rib. Either way, excellent way to end the night. Superiority by glitter, haha...Sorry, I'm still amused.

Which honestly just brings me back to a post long ago. You all likely remember it, The Drama!wheel. I suppose this is the point in which we say, "tea and crumpets done, oh by the way that was checkmate." Because I think that shit is a rollin' again, but this sometime chasing the IT Clown who is carrying a pink, French Poodle.

Poor damn dog.

Here is a clue, my friends. When you do not think someone is worth the time to reply to them? Don't reply. Commenting long enough to tell me "you aren't worth the time" is a bit counterpoint. The fact that you had to reply speaks highly of 'being under your skin'. Regardless of truth, appearance on the internet is everything.

HA...Ok, I might be done laughing now.

Owies :*(

Aug. 15th, 2008 05:18 am
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I hurts mommy.

Ug, what I wouldn't give for a hot shower, and a message.

IN OTHER NEWS. (Ok, whoever started me on the all caps trend, *cough*ariel*cough*Michelle*cough*, so not cool.)

So this dude totally was came up to me and was all "Woah".

So I says "Woah?"

He says "Double woah?"

I says "Woah Ho..."

He says "Woah ain't no ho..."


Seriously peoples, repeat after EJ: "WOOOOSA..." or however is it spelled. I leave you guys alone for a day and all dis WOAH is out.

One three: One two three *GROUP HUGS*

Ok, now EJ goes back to no life expect cleaning and moaning.


Jul. 29th, 2008 07:43 am
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What is with all the damn bots hitting my IJ accounts. It is starting to get annoying.

But as I'm a paranoid person...I have IP address, bitches. (It is from my Mod account. I like to keep trying of people that try to cause issues.)

Stupid bots.

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