Owies :*(

Aug. 15th, 2008 05:18 am
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I hurts mommy.

Ug, what I wouldn't give for a hot shower, and a message.

IN OTHER NEWS. (Ok, whoever started me on the all caps trend, *cough*ariel*cough*Michelle*cough*, so not cool.)

So this dude totally was came up to me and was all "Woah".

So I says "Woah?"

He says "Double woah?"

I says "Woah Ho..."

He says "Woah ain't no ho..."


Seriously peoples, repeat after EJ: "WOOOOSA..." or however is it spelled. I leave you guys alone for a day and all dis WOAH is out.

One three: One two three *GROUP HUGS*

Ok, now EJ goes back to no life expect cleaning and moaning.
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I'll be back...


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I mooove, in like 7 days. This time next week I'll be putting shit on a TRUCK, and hoping to some weather god it doesn't rain nor is too fucking hot. And between freaking out over "where can I find boxes!?!" and "omg I need to steamclean and vacuum!!" And about a billion OTHER THINGS...

I feel like I'm stuck in the Jello, oh hello.


I still need to call Cox and be all "come get you shitz." But I think I'll opt for driving up to their office myself and turning the stuff in as I leave town. Mostly because I have to argue with them about, oh...right, about giving me the RIGHT MODEM THAT I PAID FOR.



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In my hunt for a new fangled place to live for that grand ole job I start in Aug/September?

Yeah....YAY EJ....

I have managed to total my car.


fuckin' hell.
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Oklahoma is flooding. But then that might have something to do with it raining for three days straight, stopping, and then before all that dries up...raining again.

Just a thought on that.

I need to go buy boxes at some point. Normally I'm all 'fuck it' and sort of just toss shit around when I move, but this time I have to like...be orderly. So, boxes. Then tossing shit I don't need to keep. And then packing the rest up. The closer it gets to Aug. 13...the more "eeeeeeeek" this all feels.

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