Jun. 15th, 2010

pay_the_piper: (German Victory)
Italy ties it up with Paraguay, but never manages to take it home in a surprising tie. Italy's gonna be hearing about it today, bank on it.

Slovakia fails to over take New Zealand, and the little Kiwi's manage to keep alive in their group by taking the tie home for the night.

Surprising results, if you be asking me, but still banking on Italy taking the group. Points on Paraguay to probably take second.

Group G:

Another Shocker: d'Ivoire ties Portugal. Haven't watched it (or the NZ v. Slovakia game), so I can't comment on what happened there. First games in the Cup are sometimes strange though. Good teams don't come out like they should, gives others a chance to step it up.

We are in minute 59, Brazil just put one away. Honestly, I said it before and I'll say it again- Brazil is going to take group. Their bitches like that. Their good. I just can't see Korea over taking them, even with their chemistry and discipline. Brazil just has the mad fuckin' skills.

And Kaka.

The bastard.

EDIT: Brazil over North Korea: 2-1. Late goal from Korea lets them sleep well tonight.

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