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Well, okay, I'm behind on my World Cup raving. But I got busy so XD.

Anyway, aside from the exciting times called: WORLD CUP, I've been working and also I've dating someone XD. That right there takes up most of my time. I know, insane.

Games )
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But still, now I'm even more annoyed. We should have won, I don't see the so called 'foul' that Edu committed. What I DO see? is a about a dozen Slovenia players with their arms around, HOLDING US players.

GAH. It was such a clean goal.

So, so unhappy with this. SO unhappy.

I don't even, I can't even find the words I want to say about this. It just baffles me. If Areana had been our coach, we'd know why that was called by now. He'd move, instead of standing their like a statue on the sideline.


Just...I can't.

Games today:

German 0:1 to Serbia

USA 2:2 Slovenia
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Today is fucking worst World Cup day ever. Donovan, you need to learn to keep your mouth shut. B| Shut up and show up.


First Germany, now this. WHAT THE HELL, boys, WHAT THE HELL.

I can't even make a coherent post, this is just. Just GAAAAH.

So upset right now.
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This first round of games has been rather strange to me. :| ANYWAY....

For those that don't care. )

I'd write more, but I got distracted by the Mexico v. France game. I have to say, the French are playing like the French. Badly. XD

Anyway, I'm sure I'll have loads to say about tomorrows games. Germany AND USA play in the morning. OH YEAH.

Peace out.
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Spain lost to Switzerland. Score ended 0:1 because Spain, har har, didn't come out to play as a team. Thus the trouble with high profile teams- everyone wants the glory, no one wants to share.

Chile also beat Honduras.

Nest week will be interesting, all I gotta say.
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Italy ties it up with Paraguay, but never manages to take it home in a surprising tie. Italy's gonna be hearing about it today, bank on it.

Slovakia fails to over take New Zealand, and the little Kiwi's manage to keep alive in their group by taking the tie home for the night.

Surprising results, if you be asking me, but still banking on Italy taking the group. Points on Paraguay to probably take second.

Group G:

Another Shocker: d'Ivoire ties Portugal. Haven't watched it (or the NZ v. Slovakia game), so I can't comment on what happened there. First games in the Cup are sometimes strange though. Good teams don't come out like they should, gives others a chance to step it up.

We are in minute 59, Brazil just put one away. Honestly, I said it before and I'll say it again- Brazil is going to take group. Their bitches like that. Their good. I just can't see Korea over taking them, even with their chemistry and discipline. Brazil just has the mad fuckin' skills.

And Kaka.

The bastard.

EDIT: Brazil over North Korea: 2-1. Late goal from Korea lets them sleep well tonight.
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So, yeah...

Italy is a second half team. Can't lie. I still think they'll win this showing, but I am rather impressed with Paraguay at the moment.


Go, go South American Teams. (Minus Brazil. They can DIAF. :|)
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Hey, hey guess what? It is that time again! Okay, so my excitement this time has been more than a little dimmed as I have second degree burns on my shoulders. I kinda feel like crap. That aside, what I did see of the US opener against England made me hellishly happy. Luck goal, yes, but Green made a classic mistake. And regardless of what anyone might say, they showed up for that Game and England is in no way as good as they think they are.

Surprise, surprise there.

Anyway, I've not really got anything against England. It was a good game for us, we obviously feel better about it than them. That's in our favor.

Moving on- Germany fucking owned Australia last night. I have to say that I'm not surprised. I've never been surprised by Germany's group play, though. Well, no. That's a lie. There probably was one, at least, but I can't think of it. MUST NOT HAVE BEEN TOO MUCH OF A SURPRISE.

Anyway, Australia makes it to the Cup every four years. And I have to give them credit for doing it, and usually in the past they've had better showings than the US. But they've not grown, it seems. They have the second oldest squad in the tourny, maybe what they need is some fresh blood.

Just a suggestion, guys. Might want to look in to it. They clearly didn't come out to play against Germany, it was as if they'd already accepted the loss and just handed the Germans the game. That was boring. :| I can't believe I DVR'd that, it was so sad.

ANYWAY, I've got the scores as is. Which is what I'm gonna post before the Italy game starts. They are playing Paraguay. :| I predict they'll win, much to my disgust. Italy's a much more solid team than Paraguay. I'll be surprised if it is even a remotely difficult game.

Oh well, fuckers. Next game. Alright, here are the groups, and standings as is:

Cut for those that don't care... )

Now to watch Italy and Paraguay. So far, Paraguay's looking decent. I shouldn't sound surprised, but maybe there is something to say fro their 2-4-4 system. Still. Seems a little bit insane. Who takes a 2-4-4 formation in the World Cup?
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Why White People Like Soccer...

Ok, maybe because I do like soccer and I played it for something like 14 years, I found this a bit...wrong?

But whatever, everyone is entitled to opinions. (For the record my favorite teams are FC Munich because Kahn is the best goal keeper ever, Man U. which has nothing to do with London and because it was the first International team I ever watched play, and American wise I have always loved Columbus Crew and followed them since 1996 when the MLS league was founded. Incidently the reason I picked Columbus Crew was because my favorite US player from the 1994 World Cup was drafted onto the team, and I have tried to follow him painstakingly. McBride is US gold in my book.)

What got me though was this comment: Hahaha, so damn true. I have so many friends who say they love Manchester United ONLY after visiting London for the semester abroad


How does someone in...London get to Man U.?

I mean London has a number of team right there...Arsenal, Chelsea (not that bad of a team either. Better than Liverpool...but anyone is better than Liverpool), Tottenham, West Ham.

Ok....Obviously? If they came back screaming about how great Man. U. was? They were just following a trend and probably a big win..

And bloody Beckham made them swoon. *rolls eyes*

You know why white people think it’s cool to imitate Europeans. CAUSE THEY ARE FUCKING COOL MAN! They have universal health care, they enjoy life, they know 3 languages. Yes, it is a plus to know many languages? And what? Are those bad things?


Did living in Europe change the color of your skin to something else? Because I think still white there too.

People can be such an idiot when trying to just a bandwagon.

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